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Our undies may cover your booty, but we may not have covered all the bases. Check out our FAQs to learn about our products, get shipping info, and read about the mission we're on Like all the underwear you've ever owned, you have to wash your THINX undies. But the work of throwing them into the washing machine has paled in comparison to the freedom from the tampon box

Every wonder about those weird period underwear: thinx? I certainly did! In an effort to find a healthier solution to Aunt Flow and a more eco-friendly option for that time of the month, I turned to the brand SheThinx. This is my experience about Thinx underwear that I bought with my money. I first wrote this article after 6 months of using them and recently updated it to include my experience. AWARD DETAILS: Thinx Wash Washbasin by Maik Juch is Winner in Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Category, 2016 - 2017. · Read the interview with designer Maik Juch for design ThinX Wash here. · Press Members: Login or Register to request an exclusive interview with Maik Juch. · Click here to register inorder to view the profile and other works by Maik Juch thinX|wash is a free-standing vanity with a Corean surface and an elegant recessed flat Corean washbasin. Its attractive design, which is primarily determined by the concise thinX frame and high-quality materials are the main characteristics of thinX|wash. Two large drawers accommodate a space-saving storage system and two sockets for hairdryer and co. Additionally, up to two hidden induction. thinX | wash . facebook google. COPYRIGHT 2016/17 BY JUCH DESIGN ® / MAIK JUC

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  1. thinX|wash ist ein frei stehender Waschtisch mit einer Corean-Oberfläche und einem elegant eingelassenen flachen Corean-Waschbecken. Sein attraktives Design, das vor allem durch das prägnante thinX-Gestell bestimmt wird, sowie hochwertige Materialen sind die maßgeblichen Eigenschaften des thinX|wash. Zwei großzügige Schubladen beherbergen ein platzsparendes Ordnungssystem und Steckdosen.
  2. Mit dem thinX|Wash interpretieren wir die Badezimmerkultur mit einem freistehenden Waschtisch. Das Waschbecken ist nahtlos in die Corian Oberfläche integriert und gibt somit Kalkablagerungen und Schmutz keine Chance, sich in unnötigen Fugen fest zusetzen
  3. While Thinx underwear material is super-absorbent, it remains light and airy. Leak-resistant technology safeguards against leakage and stains on clothing, bedding and anything else. How to Wash Thinx Underwear . Thinx underwear is reusable and easy to care for. Washing instructions are as follows
  4. Thinx underwear absorbency test - Duration: 5:16. Precious Stars Vlogs 164,524 views. How To Hand-Wash Clothes (The Right Way) | Basics | Better Homes & Gardens - Duration: 2:29

Thinx Care Instructions: Rinse them in cold water to get most of the blood out. Wash them in the washing machine on light cycle. Line/Hang dry them. BOOM! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I however have not done these things as instructed. My method A: Hand wash in the sink using Dr.Bronners soap; Scrub them against themselves maybe a bit harshl Are Thinx's wash & care instructions easy to follow and understand? Does Thinx provide instructions for how to store their products? Wash & care guide rating: 5.0 - 1 ratings. Yes, Thinx does offer wash & care instructions. View details. Shopping tip: Thinx also offers coupons and promo codes

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  1. I've never seen any stains from the Thinx onto my other laundry. If you're not comfortable with mixing your Thinx in with other laundry, Lindsey recommends hand washing: To be perfectly honest, it freaks me out to wash my clothes when I know a little bit of period blood is in the mix, so I usually rinse them by hand
  2. Thinx, Lunapads, and Knix are some of the brands making period panties that actually work, so you don't have to worry about leaks during menstruation
  3. ute wash and chucked in some other (light and dark) bits to see what would happen and they were all fine. Latest Stories

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  1. Find home projects from professionals for ideas & inspiration. thinX | wash by JUCH DESIGN ® | homif
  2. With a little bit of basic care, your period panties will come out looking like new after you wash them — no matter what your period and life threw at you this cycle. Here's how to clean period panties: How to Wash Period Panties: The Basics. The basics of cleaning period panties is as easy as 1, 2, 3
  3. Before you wash them, you have to rinse them. (So you don't get the rest of your clothes bloody, I have not yet tested Thinx's ability to hold up against accidental laugh-peeing or farting,.
  4. Thinx is fantastic as some of their styles offer absorption of up to 4 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid, whereas Ruby Love only offers 2 and a half for their Period Panties range. Thinx also offer their Thinx Air range which is great to bring along when traveling. Both offer amazing choices for teens
  5. For people with periods. #thinx
  6. e. I take them off + rinse them out while I am in the shower. Then, I wash them on the delicate cycle in the washing machine with some vinegar for good measure

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Images of ThinX Wash by Maik Juch from A' Design Award & Competition. Higher-resolution & unmasked version of this image (ThinX Wash) is available for press members. To download higher-resolution or unmasked version of this photo you should as a press-member When you're ready to do laundry toss them in a cold wash cycle. Just make sure you steer clear of fabric softener and bleach! And last but not least, hang dry your undies. If your undies accidentally go through the dryer, no stress! Thinx undies can take a tumble or two in a dryer without affecting their integrity

Thinx recommends that you rinse the underwear before putting it in the wash, and air-dry it afterward. Finally, we found exercising in period underwear doable, though not ideal I rinse and then hand wash in Eucalan and they dry in a day. I typically wait to do two at a time to cut down on detergent. I also hand wash bras, so the process isn't new to me, and a bottle of that detergent lasts well over a year. Depending on your size, look in to Knixteen or the Thinx line for teens

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★★★ Do You Wash Thinx Underwear With Laundry Detergent Laundry Detergent Bio Target Dreft Stage 1 Newborn Hypoallergenic Liquid Baby Laundry Detergent He 100 Ounces 64 Loads Whiskey And Campfire Laundry Detergent Great Value Natural Laundry Detergent Cloth Diapers It turns out Thinx underwear come in six styles, each with a level of absorbency measured in tampons (seriously): from hiphuggers (two tampons' worth of fluid) to a thong (half a tampon's worth). But there is one key point that must be made clear: Thinx doesn't claim to replace your feminine hygiene product of choice

Modibodi, the original period and leak proof underwear. Voted the #1 period and incontinence underwear, try it for yourself risk-free for 30 days. Now GST-Free Seriously, I'd hate to see the face of another person in my hostel if I chose to wash my THINX in public. While the blood isn't as gory as you'd expect (the water is just slightly pink), someone might notice and that's just awkward. 4. Camping or trekking. You can always rinse your THINX in a river and leave them out to dry on a rock If you put Thinx in the dryer they will slowly, over time, not perform like they should. You should NEVER put them in the dryer no matter how convenient it is to do so. It is always recommended to rinse, wash, and then let your pair of Thinx hang dry. Even when they do hang outside, you should remove them once dry Thinx Wash Washbasin by Maik Juch: Home > Winners > Design #54217 >Interview: Editor Frank Scott (FS) from DesignPRWire has interviewed designer Maik Juch (MJ) for A' Design Awards and Competition. You can access the full profile of Maik Juch by clicking here

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  1. Thinx period panties are stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. Photo courtesy of Thinx. Thinx. Connie Wang, from Refinery 29, fearlessly tried a pair of period panties on, commending its design: But, while the crotch is definitely thicker than your average pair of underwear, they feel a heckuva lot more comfortable than a maxi pad or even a panty liner, and there's zero 'plastic swishing.
  2. e if you need Thinx
  3. Shop the THINX null range from our null department for a wide range of THINX null | Available to buy online from Selfridges.co

thinX wash Washbasin is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category. thinX wash Washbasin . The desire to connect the unnatural with the natural and make it self-evident. It was important to give the design a kind of naturalness Thinx are period panties that are made to be worn during your period. I recently bought myself a pair and had a mixed experience I'd like to share in case there are other ladies here thinking of investing $30+ in a pair of underpants, or already have and can give me some feedback - I'd be very interested in hear other women's experiences THINX has many different styles of period pants to choose from. Hiphugger, £32 - buy here Sport, £30 - buy here Thong, £22 - buy here Boyshort, £36 - buy here THINX period-proof technology.

Hack for Soap Scum Removal: Clean your shower and tub in less than 6 minutes - Duration: 22:47. All Purpose Mom Recommended for yo Thinx Panty Review | Jasmine Defined Get your Thinx here!: http://www.gopjn.com/t/2-284710-151893-152557 (Affiliate link) Subscribe!: http://goo.gl/W8NrwM. Thinx has Sleep Shorts which I sooooo want to try. Can I wear them without a menstrual cup or tampon? 100% yes. They are designed to be worn alone and without any other backup. Like I mentioned above, I personally wear my Thinx (and nothing else) on my lighter days, but wear them as a backup to my menstrual cup for the rest of my cycle THINX site answer: We recommend that you rinse them by hand first, and then throw them in the cold wash with the rest of your delicates! DON'T use fabric softener as it prevents the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking treatments from working

100% Honest Review: Thinx Period-Proof Underwear (Hi-waist, boy short, and hiphugger) *Get $50 off your order of Splendid Spoon, a delicious vegan soup, grain bowl and smoothie ready-to-eat meal program Compared to one-time use disposable products Thinx products are washable, reusable and are a better sustainable solution. You just have to rinse immediately after usage, cold wash and dry. Depending on the flow, Thinx can replace liners, pads, cups, and tampons or can be worn with cups and tampons for extra comfort and protection

Both THINX and Dear Kate use some antimicrobial silver in their fibers to fight bacteria and odor. 6. If you want to keep your laundry clean, do a pre-wash in cold water I think I have 9 pairs of actual Thinx, and about 12 pairs of knock-offs from Amazon. I also wear mine during ovulation, so I need them for about 10 days out of the 24 days of my cycle. I hand wash mine and then throw them in a wetbag to be washed with regular laundry later Thinx Wash Washbasin Press Kit from A' Design Award & Competition. This page includes higher-resolution photos, profile images, logos, interviews and other press information such as image credits. To download higher-resolution or unmasked versions of these photos you should as an accredited press-member Thinx Period-Proof Organic Cotton Bikini - Black, Medium Meet Thinx — period-proof underwear that works. Our underwear is designed with a built-in technology that absorbs menstrual flow, fights leaks and odors, and keeps you fresh and dry all cycle long

The THINX website recommends that you rinse your undies by hand first, and then throw them in the cold wash with the rest of the delicates. Do not use fabric softener, as that can keep the THINX. To wash your Thinx, rinse them by hand first and then cold wash in a mesh laundry bag. They can safely be washed with the rest of your delicates. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener as it will prevent the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking treatments from working. Hang on the line to dry Join the Mailing List. LET'S CHAT ON THE REGULAR. I do this fun thing called email. You give me your email address, and I send you emails on things you'll probably like: invitation to events, links to new videos and handouts, and exclusive access to sales

They are a replacement for liners in my opinion. Liners are kind of gross. Yeah, they are cheap, but not if you think about how you have to keep buying more vs. a pair of underwear you can wash. With panty liners, yes, THEN I DO feel gross. I do not feel dry. With Thinx, they have a moisure layer that absorbs this, and an anti-bacterial layer Buy Speax by Thinx Hiphugger Incontinence Underwear: Shop top fashion brands Protective Briefs & Underwear at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase Machine Wash PREVENTS LEAKS AND STAINS: Made with built-in leak protection, Thinx are menstrual underwear that absorb your period without feeling bulky. Our period underwear absorbs your flow behind a leak-resistant moisture barrier, keeping you dry. ALL-DAY COMFORT: Thinx look and feel like everyday underwear I tried wearing Thinx period panties for the first time and I was surprised that they totally worked. A few years ago, If you plan to machine-wash the panties,.

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  1. Thinx products are great, comfortable and work perfectly. The only reason I'm not 100% satisfied is I REALLY wish the absorbant area went further up in the front part. To someone who often sleeps on their belly, having a larger absorbant area would mean I could wear Thinx underwear during heavy-flow nights as well; at the moment I really can't, not without bleeding on my bed linen
  2. Really (really) leakproof undies. See the proof for yourself. Try worry-free for 60 days. Proof® undies offer all day leakproof protection with patented Leak-Loc™ technology
  3. Great question! Below is some additional info about our care instructions and the best way to wash and dry your undies: We recommend treating your new undies like you would your lingerie and delicates. Rinse them out immediately after each use (until the water runs clear), and then when you're ready to do laundry toss them in a cold wash cycle

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I usually just wash them by hand since I am practically halfway there anyways. Here's how I do it to ensure they dry overnight! (click to enlarge each thumbnail) That's it! It's quick and easy. If laundry soap bothers your skin then just use gloves while washing your thinx. If you'd like to try thinx underwear, you can find a $10 coupon on my. So, yes, Thinx leak. If you have a heavy flow, you'll want to pair your period panties with a period cup, or at the very least have a second pair on hand. How do you wash Thinx? So, maybe I'm a weirdo, but I bring them in the shower with me in the morning and rinse them out with a little Dr. Bronners soap Made from breathable cotton treated with an antimicrobial coating, Thinx is designed to absorb and dry quickly so you can maximize comfort and neutralize odor. Care and Maintenance for Thinx. Easily machine washable. Every day you wear a pair, throw them in the wash with the rest of your clothes in similar colors. Then hang them out to dry. Kni THINX are a great late-night/overnight solution if you're scared of drunkenly forgetting to take your tampon out! Steph was scared to wash the used underwear at first, thinking maybe all her clothes would come out of the wash a nice shade of blood-red

Thinx Panties are Discreet. No more running to grab your purse to head to the bathroom in public. Because Thinx look and feel like regular underwear, no one ever has to know you have your period. Many people wonder if they are hygienic. Thinx are made with a patented design that neutralizes odors and bacteria Thinx has a number of different styles of period panties so I wanted to write a full Thinx review because it can be difficult to know which style might work best for you and your flow. I've been wearing Thinx for almost five years now and they're one of my favorite zero waste swaps I've ever made

Best Period Pants UK: We Review Thinx, The next morning I pop the knickers straight in the washing machine on a hot wash - I'm not keen on them lurking around my washing basket No fabric pad or underwear is gonna handle afterbirth --my OB explained that smell does not wash out. It's not just blood, lotssssss of tissue and stuff too. You can expect to need heavy pads or adult diapers at first, and even after that when it's lighter, Thinx is really only good for LIGHT periods.... their definition of heavy flow has failed many a youtube tester How do you wash THINX? As for washing them, I will rinse them out with cold water, usually right before my shower. I'll hang them to dry and then put them in with my regular laundry but in a lingerie wash bag on a delicate wash cycle THINX Underwear, $34, Thinx. On Day 4, I was instantly struck by a horrible period cold.Since I was home anyway, I decided it was the perfect time to try the pair of THINX period underwear I'd.

If thinx was my only choice,.if get them and hand wash them. But considering there are other products out there that are just link this but better quality, I'd skip the thinx. Read more. 48 people found this helpful. Search. Sort by. Top reviews. Filter by All reviewers. Have you tried them? Like or dislike? Tampons and the cup have become horribly uncomfortable/painful for me, and pads never sit right and chafe, so I thought I'd give these a try. The review Free shipping and returns on Thinx Period Proof Hiphugger Panties at Nordstrom.com. Stay fresh and dry during your period with these super-absorbent, leak-resistant, odor-trapping panties that are easy to clean in the washing machine. Made from silky-smooth fabric with four-layer technology, these panties are designed to replace period products on light days and serve as backup on heavy days.</p>

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Thinx are washable, reusable underwear that absorb your period. Imagine a reusable, be sure to follow the cleaning and drying instructions in order to keep them doing their job long-term. I wash mine on a cold cycle with laundry detergent—never use fabric softener or bleach—and then let them air dry for up to 24 hours Modibodi, the original period and leak-proof underwear brand. Try our breathable, stain-proof underwear for yourself risk-free for 30 days

Thinx. There are a few brands that make period underwear, but in my opinion, Thinx is the most stylish. They come in several different cuts and they are also expanding into activewear options. They are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. Like reusable pads, they are a great eco-friendly option to reduce waste. Thinx's Hi-Waist period panties prove that full coverage and sleek style don't have to be mutually exclusive. The high-waisted panty runs from navel to thigh, covering the butt in its entirety. But thanks to its stretchy nylon-elastane textile and generous mesh paneling, Thinx's Hi-Waist feels sleek—maybe even chic—rather than bulky My partner and I have both been using Thinx underwear for about a year. They have started to become stained, like a red/rust color stain that we'd like to get rid of. We rinse them we cold water when we take them off then throw them in the wash with regular laundry. We tried soaking them in warm water with baking soda but it didn't work Thinx What Period Blood Color Can Tell You About Your Health When it comes to periods, there is a quite a bit of variation within the boundaries of what's considered normal THINX, the panties with hidden powers, are period panties designed by a trio of young women from NYC. THINX are made from comfortable, high-quality materials that are also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. I take it out and wash it in the morning,.

Now for cleaning your period panties. The instructions for all of the brands say to wash in cold water and on delicate cycle with NO fabric softener and hang dry. Thinx recommends rinsing by hand before washing. There were a few styles of Dear Kates that said you could dry in the dryer, which is a plus Thinx is offered in many colors and patterns and has a teenage range. Although Flux Undies is only available in black, it has the super Detachable style which is not offered by Thinx. This makes changing on the go a whole lot easier. Thinx also offers sleep shorts, training shorts, and a leotard

The most comfortable, supportive, and versatile bras you'll ever wear. It's time to ditch the underwire and wear something that you really love. Need help finding your size? Book a Virtual Bra Fitting today Thinx/Dana Tepper I got my period a few months before I turned 10 years old, so you'd think I would have this bleeding-out-of-my-vagina-every-month thing down by now. But still, it's a pain in the. Thinx is one of the biggest names in the period panty space. Going back to 2014, they've been trying to break the taboo around menstrual products by making their underwear sleek, cute, and modern, which is a total departure from what period undies are usually thought to be

Machine Wash PREVENTS LEAKS AND STAINS: Thinx (BTWN) period underwear for teens protects against leaks. The moisture-wicking gusset absorbs their flow behind a leak-resistant barrier, keeping everything fresh and dry Machine wash; dry flat; Imported; Size chart: size chart. See all THINX products See all Women's Menstrual Panties. Size 3XL is out of stock. Notify me if stock becomes available. Size XXS is out of stock. Notify me if stock becomes available. Size XS. Ruby Love offers leak-proof period protection with no tampon required. Shop panties, swimwear, activewear & more. First period kits also available

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THINX are reusable, just rinse after use, cold wash and hang dry. Use the handy chart on THINX's website to choose the panties that are the best fit for your needs. Choose the Hiphugger, Hi-Waist, Boyshort, Sport, Cheeky or Thong When you're ready to wash them, you simply rinse, cold-wash on laundry day, and hang them to dry (I put mine in a laundry bag to further protect them). For those curious about how Thinx might work for them, my best piece of advice is to do what I did and order a couple of pairs and try them for yourself, ideally on a day when you can be cozy at home so you can see how they work with your flow Far from keeping the woes of your period at the forefront of your mind, THINX has created a line of lingerie that eradicates the inconvenience of your cycle. How? Cut from a breathable organic stretch-cotton, these high-rise briefs will keep you feeling comfortable, while innovative technology inherent in the fabric negates the need for extra protection; they're super-absorbent, leak.

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Plus, they are just as easy to launder as my other delicates; I pop them in a delicates bag, put them in the wash, and let them air dry. Thinx recommends rinsing them in cold water first, but I've. How do you wash them? THINX recommend that you rinse them off first before putting them in the wash. I rinsed mine out when I had a shower and put them in the wash straight after. But really, do they work? Yes! I love them. No leakage and super comfortable. I'm a total convert. How many pairs should you get

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So comfy (both day and night), no leakage, easy to wash, so sustainable, no more faff with pads or tampons. I bought a second pair straight away. Just wish I had discovered them sooner! Anonymous . 11/01/2020 . Boyshort - Light Absorbency Miki Agrawal, and her company, Thinx (click here for my review!), are helping to change the negative culture around one of the most taboo subjects concerning women: the period. I bled in my underwear for a week! — a THINX review. October 8, 2016 November 5, 2017 natalie 1 Comment thinX | wash. thinX | board. Schools Out. facebook google. COPYRIGHT 2016/17 BY JUCH DESIGN ® / MAIK JUCH. Thinx customer service was very helpful when I wanted to exchange for a different size - the exchange process was painless. I would recommend purchasing the size you think you would be based on the size chart and then trying them and sizing up or down if you have any issues with the fit THINX LAB, Santiago de Chile. 101 likes. Soluciones Informática Simple thinx. 86 likes · 2 talking about this. This is all about the experiences we come across everyday and how little things can determine big things mind you it all starts with a WORD

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